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To encourage and share the use of QRP (low power) operation, equipment, antenna ideas and information

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ZL4NVW updated in NZ QRPers Group on 2021-02-26 21:33

NZ QRPers Admin Team

NZ QRPers is brought to you by the following team:

- Net Coordinator ......................  ZL2OZ – Wayne Jacobsen

- Newsletter Editor ..................... ZL2OZ

- QRP Awards and competitions ...... ZL2OZ

- Web Admin .............................. ZL4NVW – Matt Briggs

- GO QRP contest organiser ....... ZL4NVW

Some of these roles are currently in transition – so please be patient. We aim to have things running smoothly again by Nov 2020!

If you are interested in a role in the group, then contact the Admin Team on the QRPers NZ Group Chat forum.

ZL2OZ posted in Going Portable on 2021-02-26 13:53

 Heading to Cattle Creek Hut for GQN night. 

ZL4NVW and VK1DA logged a contact between (Ben Lomond Scenic Reserve) and Honeysuckle Mountain, ACT, Au on 2021-02-21 View

ZL1THH and ZL2OZ logged a contact between (Tongariro National Park) and HS Dannevirke on 2021-02-20 View

ZL1THH posted in Going Portable on 2021-02-20 18:57

3690 at 8:45 - 9 tonight (sat) from Ruapehu hut , Iwikau village.  Probably on sun-tuesday nights portable
Thanks for the feedback.

With just two members reporting issues or potential issues with the date, it appears that there are no widespread concerns for people with Go QRP night falling on the same day as Jock White Field Days. It also seems likely that any alternative date proposed would likewise be unsuitable for a similar number (1-2) of group members.

As such, February's GO QRP night will proceed as scheduled.

Matt - ZL4NVW
GoQRP Contest coordinator.

ZL2OZ posted in Equipment on 2021-02-18 13:20

Hi Simon, I've tried to order some, but they don't like credit cards. Pity.

ZL1THH updated in Equipment on 2021-02-18 10:08

Great link to the DOC wire. thanks Stan, 

ZL1RKO just received some, and see how it is actually braided wire, not twisted. The yellow bits are plastic that sticks there when stripped (which Charles reports is a bit of a bugger)


I was wondering just how much stronger hard drawn wire is.....

"Hard drawn copper has significantly higher tensile strength than soft annealed copper and is used as overhead wire whereas the soft annealed copper is flexible and has somewhat improved conductivity over hard drawn copper conductor.  

Annealed copper - Tensile strength 300-400 ksi (kilopound per square inch). Conductivity 100.00 % IACS

Hard drawn copper - 500-700 ksi. Conductivity 97 % IACS"

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ZL4NVW updated in Going Portable on 2021-02-17 18:29

ZL4NVW portable

EDIT: Out early due to mechanical issues. But 3 great days working in Clear Stream and the Otematata River. 

Mon 15/2 Hawkdon Hilton
Tue 16/2 Ida Railway Hut
Wed 17/2 Tailings or Chimney Creek huts

Oteake Conservation Park

ZL2RMC posted in GO QRP Night on 2021-02-14 16:03

Hi Guys, Im not to stressed as a bit of an irregular on the GQN, a bit like Matt said as time and other commitments permit I will come up and try make a weekend of it going bush. 2 hours going pretty hard you can certainly rack up some contacts so good luck to those that want to get into it. 
Personally Ive committed to Jock white that weekend with the branch but may slip away for GQN as the branch is scheming a bit of a roster system, depends how it plays out for times etc.


ZL2OZ updated in GO QRP Night on 2021-02-14 11:21

Oh Dear! If the clash of the Go QRP Night and Jock White Field Day is that much of a problem, then CANCEL the GQN for the month. After all, so few take part in the GQN compared to JWFD. See "Are you Active' in the next Newsletter. That's my 2c worth. ZL2OZ Group Coordinator. 
I'm keen to hear others opinions on the clash between Jock White Field Day and Go QRP - so please put in your feedback.  

Many of us miss Go QRP nights due to other commitments / responsibilities - clubs, community group activities, meetings, family - I myself was unable to attend 3 of last year's Go QRP nights due to other community group / volunteer commitments which I could not avoid. My initial decision to keep the date as-is was based on the assumption that Jock White was just another example of this. 

However, I am happy to change the date if the clash inconveniences many members - or if there is a significant group that feels keeping the date as-is is unfair.

What are member's thoughts on running GQN concurrently, in competition with, with the Jock White Field day?  Has anyone considered the clash of loyalties this creates and the tipping of the playing field against QRPer Group members normally competing in GQN but who wish to be part of their branch's JWFD team?   Think through carefully the unfairness to loyal branch members of a loss of 8.5% GQN opportunity while GQN participants on the night are handed the advantage of dozens of easy, usually unavailable, contacts.  It's called double jeopardy.

ZL1THH updated in Equipment on 2021-02-13 14:53

I used stranded cat5 network cable, with the pairs untwisted. The polyethylene is hard and slippery, as you would want, and you get a bunch of colours - I used one colour for the first 20m and another for the second 20m.

It's super cheap and available, which somewhat cancels out any issues of strength and uv resistance. 

OD=0.95mm, ID=0.5mm. 
Breaking strain 5.5kg
Stretching strain ~4.5kg.
Weight 40m=100g  (2.5g/m)

For centre-fed dipole users you could also use the twisted pair as feedline. It is 100ohm, low loss. 
Cat5 30m=7dB@100MHz  , 5g/m
RG174 8dB , 13g/m
RG178 14dB , 7g/m

Need 3 fishing swivels, 300mm wood, cardboard ~150mm sq, a helper to hold the end.
Put a drop of oil in the swivels. Cut a dual winder/s from a bit of cardboard before you start. Find a long enough space without sticks, and rubbish.
Strip the cat5 apart to get the pairs. It would probably be a good idea to use a swivel at the end of the cat5 while you do this, as the bundle is twisted.

Now unwind the pairs: 
At one end fix two swivels to a piece of wood some distance apart eg 300mm. Tie the individual strands to these. 
At the other end tie the twisted pair to the third swivel and tie it to a hook/nail. Don't just put it over a nail, it won't be as free.
Now from the two swivel end gently pull the strands apart, moving along. All 3 swivels will be turning while you do this.

20210213 110426 1  original original

20210213 104720 1 1  original original

20210213 110426 1 1  original original

20210213 144352 1 1  original original
 As of 10.2.2021 V.5 is applicable.

Download: NZ_QRPers_AWARDS_original_original.docx

ZL1RCA added a log for Jan 2021 on 30/01/21 View

February's GO QRP night runs on Saturday 27th Feb: 
- 40m and above from 8pm to 9pm (NZDT)
- 80m from 9pm to 10pm (NZDT)

This event coincides with the Jock White field day (JWFD) this year.  Some minor accommodations will be made to the GO QRP rules to enable us to interact with the Jock White stations:

- Cyphers (index / serial no) from JWFD may be used in your GO QRP logs (no need to use a separate serial number for Go QRP)
- When contacting JWFD stations, you may use the Jock White 'branch number' for both Name and location in your GO QRP logs
- You may assume Portable for JWFD field stations
- You may assume 'home station' for non-branch JWFD stations 
- You may assume QRO for JWFD stations 

If you wish to claim worked-station 'portable', 'QRP' or 'backcountry' bonus points for any contact other than where indicated above, you will need to exchange that information as usual.

There is the opportunity to make a large number of contacts from your QRP setup on the night of this combined event - so give it a go and show them what QRP can do!

ZL3TK updated in Equipment on 2021-02-11 18:23

Many years ago the ideal wire for portable HF operations could be found at CASA Modular Systems in Petone.  It was alleged to be NOS from the Department of Conservation and was used with DoC's HF portable stations.  Amazingly, it is still available as shown at http://casamodularsystems.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_216_257&products_id=209 ... and is described as "Aerial Wire - 8 strands of 0.25mm Braided Hard-Drawn-Copper with tough YELLOW PVC Jacket - 2mm OD (typically supplied in multiples of 10m or random lengths - while stock lasts)"   But the price has increased markedly;  guess it is now new stock rather than the original NOS.   It is very light-weight, multi-strand hard-drawn copper wire in a bright yellow, never-fade, flexible PVC sheath, therefore is highly visible in the bush and will never stretch in the wind  -  resonance, as cut, is guaranteed long term.   See also there is a spool available;  it used to be provided as a wire-and-spool package for about $25;  no longer unfortunately and despite being beautifully engineered, the spool may be considered too bulky to carry around in a pack anyway.  Take a look while stocks last.

Casa hdc wire yel 100m original original

ZL2RMC and ZL2ATH logged a contact between Bark Bay Hut (Abel Tasman National Park) and (Rimutaka Forest Park) on 2021-02-06 View