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All things QRP, backcountry & radio

QRPers NZ Newsletters

The NZ QRPers group editor produces a monthly newsletter, available to all members. Past issues are available below.

To receive newsletters by email, sign up to the site and add this forum to your watchlist.

NZ QRPers News & Updates

News and updates from the Admin Team

GO QRP Night

The NZ QRPers group runs a monthly contest / activity night on the last Saturday of every month – GO QRP Night.

The event runs for 1.5 hours for both phone and CW operation. Times are:

- 7:30-9:00pm NZDT (06:30-08:00 UTC)

- 8:00-9:30pm NZST (07:00-08:30 UTC)

NZDT starts each year on the last Sunday in September, and ends at 3am on the first Sunday in April.

See below for event details.

NZ QRPers Group

To encourage and share the use of QRP, Low Power operation, equipment, antenna ideas and information

Achieving More with Less:

We are a Group of 120+ Low Power enthusiasts who enjoy operating QRP.

Our members enjoy operating QRP or low power, (10w or less), using a range of rigs, FT817, FT818, various versions of the Ubitx series, Genesis rigs, K2 and K3 by Elecraft, home brew rigs that fit in your top pocket, to name but a few.

A variety of antenna are used, dipoles, long wires, extended zepps, and of late, End Fed Half Wave antenna have become popular. Some members are keen trampers, and can be heard operating portable from some very ‘out of the way’ places.

We don’t absolutely insist on QRP operation except when in contest mode! If conditions are poor or there is a high noise level, we make allowances.

So come on, give QRP a try. Join us an Go QRP!

Discussion forums. Open to all users to post.

Equipment discussions, questions, answers.  Focus in on QRP and backcountry operation, but anything equipment related goes.

General discussion and official announcements about the Huts on the Air competitions

QRPers NZ Discussion Forum

Open forum for general discussion about the QRPers NZ group & its activities

Notices of users intentions for portable backcountry operation. 

HOTA competitors watch this space!

NZ QRPers Awards and Competitions

The group runs a number of award programmes aimed to challenge and recognise skills in low-power operation.

These programmes come in two forms:

  • http://hota.qrp.nz hosts a number of leagues in which you can challenge yourself to ‘bag’ islands, huts, parks either chasing contacts from the comfort of your shack chair, or by getting out there and doing it! QRPers NZ member are automatically signed up!

  • QRP group awards. A number of awards are available for QRP Group member who make contacts to a range of challenging locations. See this forum for details

Personal QRP, HOTA and general radio blog for Matt, ZL4NVW

Members' blogs. 

If you want to host a blog here then post a request in the 'This Website' forum and the admin will get you started.

Comments, feedback & news about this website