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Notices of users intentions for portable backcountry operation. 

HOTA competitors watch this space!

General discussion of QRP and backcountry operation.

Members blogs

Comments, feedback & news about this website


 We are a Group of 120+ Low Power enthusiasts who enjoy operating QRP. 

 Our Mission Statement: 'To encourage and share the use of QRP, Low Power operation, equipment, antenna ideas and information.'

 Our Motto: 'Achieving More with Less'.

Our members enjoy operating QRP or low power, (10w or less), using a range of rigs, FT817, FT818, various versions of the UBitx series, Genesis rigs, K2 and K3 by Elecraft, home brew rigs that fit in your top pocket, to name but a few.

A variety of antenna are used, dipoles, long wires, extended zepps, and of late, End Fed Half Wave antenna have become popular. Some members are keen trampers, and can be heard operating portable from some very ‘out of the way’ places.

We don’t absolutely insist on QRP operation except when in contest mode! If conditions are poor or there is a high noise level, we make allowances.

We have a monthly contest night called ‘Go QRP Night’. See information on this site.

We also have a number of Awards for operating QRP. 


Our net is on Thursday nights at 7.30 pm NZST and 8.30 pm NZDST on 3.690 Mhz. Just give your callsign and name when check-ins are called for, or call QRZ during breaks in the net. Anyone welcome. 


It’s simple – No Cost. Just send an email with your first name, callsign, QTH, and email address to:  waynezl2oz@gmail.com . You’ll receive an email confirmation reply, and that’s it.

Cheers, and GO QRP!  ZL2OZ

Personal QRP, HOTA and general radio blog for Matt, ZL4NVW

The group have some Awards that can be worked for and earned by NZ QRP Members. Non-members can be worked to help get any of the awards, but are not eligible to claim the awards. Simple solution: Join up!  If claiming any of these Awards, email your log to:  waynezl2oz@gmail.com
 . Need more information? email to the above email address.

Up to date info on GO QRP night. QRPers NZ 's monthly contest. See our Web Site:  http://qrp.nz 

QRP Newsletters from ZL2OZ

Huts on the Air - HOTA