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Hi All,

Thanks for the many contacts any your company through the last 32 days in the backcountry  It's been a very successful trip. Whilst I didn't reach the fabled Ivory Lake Hut (stopped 2km short by hard, blue ice) I did get to visit 42 DOC backcountry huts, spend 25 nights in either huts or camped high on ridgelinea, and 'bag'  22 huts for HOTA.

You company throughout has been very welcome -as have the efforts of the many others who have been backcountry in the same period.

Last night at Spurs Hut was the 600th DOC hut I've visited - and it was good to share that milestone with so many of you (and in atypical celebration: with a couple of beers,  rump steak, mash n veg - and to hell with weight considerations). 600 huts down, ~350 huts to go. At 45 year old and counting ... will i get to all ~950 or keel over first? Watch this space.

Go QRP, Go Bush!

Matt - ZL4NVW

ZL4NVW posted in ZL4NVW on 2020-05-19 19:57

Great to see 4 huts on the air last week/weekend for several nights running.  Well done to all - even if I never did get to work Grough Hut! 3.670-3.690  felt like a real backcountry radio community.  Hope we get to see more of the same.

ZL4NVW updated in ZL4NVW on 2020-05-09 18:18

Level 2: "Longer and overnight tramping is permitted, although these should still be easy trips within your ability and to places you’ve been before. The Department of Conservation have further advice on specific public health measures to take and the availability of their facilities.""


So maybe not huts on the air (yet) but at least tents on the air will be allowed!

ZL4NVW updated in ZL4NVW on 2020-03-21 15:50

Warm and spacious 12-bunk ex-musterers' hut beside the Manuherekia River in the Oteake Conservation Park.  Once shared by two pastoral runs - as you can see the boundary fence runs directly through the centre of the hut.  Mt St Bathans in the background - 2088m - ZL3/OT-098.

Running FT818 plus portable amplifier putting out 20w when driven at 5w from the Yaesu. The antenna on the 6m SOTA-pole is an 80m EFHW.  First call heard here was from OT4A on 40m, resulting in a 5/6 signal report for my reply.  20w to Belgium from a back-country portable setup on a valley floor surrounded by 1700m+ peaks - made my day!

Next call heard was on 80m, a CQ QRP from VK3FSAV, 100km south of the NSW/QLD border. This resulted in a good QSO on 5w each way.  5/3 each direction on a perfectly silent band.

More nights like this one, please!
Img 20200319 172300 original

ZL4NVW posted image in ZL4NVW on 2020-03-10 21:36

Buster Hut and the 80m EFHW over a 6m SOTA-pole in inverted V deployment. My Kyeburn ZL3/OT-308 in the background
Img 20200305 153541 original

ZL4NVW updated in ZL4NVW on 2020-03-21 15:53

Little Kyeburn Huts - qrp portable
Img 20200304 180732 original