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ZL2OZ posted in Blogs on 2020-06-29 11:09

 Thanks to all those who came on the GO QRP NIGHT for June. Good to see the support. 
 I got home about 8.00 am on Sunday, very wet, and the Sleeping Bag is still damp, but drying out slowly. Next time I'll orient the Tent Fly a different way, and as long as the wind cooperates all will stay dry. The Rokai Campsite surprises me. Considering it's jammed against the Eastern base of the Range - I still seem to be able to get out reasonably well. Someone scattered my nice ring of rocks, (carried some 300 meters), used for my fire place. A re-collect and reorganise needed.
 My 4 legged Ex VK was annoying again, but he's really a big chicken. I chase him off and he doesn't come back.          Cheers ZL2OZ and GO QRP!

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