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ZL2OZ posted in ZL2OZ on 2021-02-01 11:35

A beautiful night out under the stars, only spoilt by one 4 legged Australian who kept insisting on sharing my nice new tent! A size 9 boot applied gently, not, eventually persuaded him not to return. Another lesson learned; before you set up camp, check for ants! Naturally they object to having their environment suddenly covered with an almost impenetrable layer with some great lump rolling around on top! 
     Got a bit cold, (7'c) at 10pm, but all good fun. Good to hear a few non-QRPers members come up and provide a few contacts. Cheers. ZL2OZ 

ZL2OZ posted in ZL2OZ on 2021-01-20 09:44

 Just received from China. (Someone's got to keep the Chinese Economy going!) Another set of 4 blue 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. I emphasize Blue to make sure it's clear what I'm talking about. This is the second set of these I've purchased. At $14 NZ plus postage, they're the best     of a wide range of those available. Have a look at the 'Wish' site. 
     They're rated at 20,000mHr. Yes - I'm still skeptical, the test is in the trying. They'll keep my FT817 going on 5w mode for 3 to 4 hours. I haven't           found any other 18650 that'll do that.  
 I've also discovered a new trick. Charge em up and leave until you're about to Escape Shrivelisation, then charge them again. Make sure you're using a good quality charger to do this. One that has 'Over-charge' protection. I've found that this procedure gives an extra 30+ minutes of usage when out in the field. My first set of these batteries have gone through this process some 15 recharges and show no sign of ill health. Cheers. GO QRP !  

ZL2OZ posted in ZL2OZ on 2021-01-20 09:17

 The Wet and the Dry of it is that the former (Flies), don't cut the mustard! I don't know why I put up with the thing for so damn long.
 If there's the slightest breeze and drizzle, Nature will conspire to prove She's unbeatable. In spite of time spent carefully considering the positioning of   said tent fly so drizzle won't get in, she'll change direction or swirl about so everything under the fly gets damp - or just plain wet!
     So, a change of philosophy. A 1 person Lightweight tent that's quick and easy to put up and IS actually wind and waterproof. Is there actually such a   thing? YES, there is. Very high waterproof ratings, goes up in 3 minutes, only weighs 2Kg, and all fits into a stuff bag 40cm long and 14cm in diameter. 
     It's called 'Ace 1'. See Intentsoutdoors.co.nz Tested in the backyard in a lightning and rain down pour in early January. Passed the test with flying       colours. There is also a two-man (Woman/Women) version, and a 4 person version. At $189 NZ well worth every cent. Outdoors - here I come!