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General discussion and official announcements about the Huts on the Air competitions

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ZL4NVW updated in Huts on the Air on 2020-12-06 07:34

HOTA will now generate QSL cards for your HOTA contacts.

View any contact you've logged from a hut and click the QSL button on the menu bar.  

This currently only works for contacts you have made from huts and only where there is a photo of the hut available on hutbagger. Where there are multiple photos present you can use the Next Photo and Previous Photo to choose the photo you want on your card.  Download the card as a .jpg with the Download button.

There is plenty of room to improve this service, so if you have any suggestions about layout, text size, extra info required, or anything else - then leave a message here. e.g. does anyone want to be able to obtain for themselves a QSL card for a contact where the other party was at a hut?

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ZL4NVW updated in Huts on the Air on 2020-05-30 18:34

Hi Simon,

I've given you account privileges to create and edit huts.  This is disabled by default for new users to stop non hams signing up and creating mischief!

You can now click on 'Huts' on the menu bar and will see a button 'Add Hut' with which you can add new huts.

Anyone else wanting to be able to create / edit huts on HOTA, please leave a message here, or email me - address is on the about page.


Matt - ZL4NVW

ZL1THH posted in Huts on the Air on 2020-05-30 12:09

How to add huts?
I have added NZ's offshore and freshwater islands to the maps on the HOTA website - they are shown as orange triangles. Click on the triangle for details of the island.  There is also a directory of all officially and unofficially named islands under the Islands menu on the site.   The data comes from the New Zealand Geographic Database and is courtesy of LINZ (licensed: CC-Attribution)

Hopefully this will aid anyone looking for some handy islands to visit for the QRP islands award, and maybe encourage a few more to look at island-bagging as an interesting challenge. 

You can log the islands you've operated from / to on the HOTA site when you log a contact.

Visit HOTA by clicking on the HOTA link at the top of the page or by navigating to https://hota.qrp.nz

ZL4NVW posted in Huts on the Air on 2020-02-07 22:02

Find us at: hota.qrp.nz