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GO QRP Night

The NZ QRPers group runs a monthly contest / activity night on the last Saturday of every month – GO QRP Night.

The event runs over 2 hours for both phone and CW operation. Times are:


- 8:00pm to 9:00pm NZDT (07:00-08:00 UTC) - HF Bands from 40m to 10m

- 9:00pm to 10:00pm NZDT (08:00-09:00 UTC) - 80m band only


- 7:00pm to 8:00pm NZST (07:00-08:00 UTC) - HF bands from 40m to 10m

- 8:00pm to 9:00pm NZST (08:00-09:00 UTC) - 80m band only

NZDT starts each year on the last Sunday in September, and ends at 3am on the first Sunday in April.

Competitors can enter either just the 80m-only category, or the 'all bands' combined category. Separate scores and awards will be given for each category.

See below for event details.

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Thanks for the feedback.

With just two members reporting issues or potential issues with the date, it appears that there are no widespread concerns for people with Go QRP night falling on the same day as Jock White Field Days. It also seems likely that any alternative date proposed would likewise be unsuitable for a similar number (1-2) of group members.

As such, February's GO QRP night will proceed as scheduled.

Matt - ZL4NVW
GoQRP Contest coordinator.

ZL2RMC posted in GO QRP Night on 2021-02-14 16:03

Hi Guys, Im not to stressed as a bit of an irregular on the GQN, a bit like Matt said as time and other commitments permit I will come up and try make a weekend of it going bush. 2 hours going pretty hard you can certainly rack up some contacts so good luck to those that want to get into it. 
Personally Ive committed to Jock white that weekend with the branch but may slip away for GQN as the branch is scheming a bit of a roster system, depends how it plays out for times etc.


ZL2OZ updated in GO QRP Night on 2021-02-14 11:21

Oh Dear! If the clash of the Go QRP Night and Jock White Field Day is that much of a problem, then CANCEL the GQN for the month. After all, so few take part in the GQN compared to JWFD. See "Are you Active' in the next Newsletter. That's my 2c worth. ZL2OZ Group Coordinator. 
I'm keen to hear others opinions on the clash between Jock White Field Day and Go QRP - so please put in your feedback.  

Many of us miss Go QRP nights due to other commitments / responsibilities - clubs, community group activities, meetings, family - I myself was unable to attend 3 of last year's Go QRP nights due to other community group / volunteer commitments which I could not avoid. My initial decision to keep the date as-is was based on the assumption that Jock White was just another example of this. 

However, I am happy to change the date if the clash inconveniences many members - or if there is a significant group that feels keeping the date as-is is unfair.

What are member's thoughts on running GQN concurrently, in competition with, with the Jock White Field day?  Has anyone considered the clash of loyalties this creates and the tipping of the playing field against QRPer Group members normally competing in GQN but who wish to be part of their branch's JWFD team?   Think through carefully the unfairness to loyal branch members of a loss of 8.5% GQN opportunity while GQN participants on the night are handed the advantage of dozens of easy, usually unavailable, contacts.  It's called double jeopardy.

ZL4NVW updated in GO QRP Night on 2021-02-06 14:55

The final results for the 2020 Go QRP night.  

Congratulations to Stan, ZL3TK for the winning score, and for competing in all 12 months' events.  
Congratulations also to Wayne, ZL2OZ for the highest monthly score and winning the highest number of individual nights. 

Goqrp 2020 final results original original

ZL4NVW updated in GO QRP Night on 2021-01-31 22:09

The 2021 GO QRP log forms are available below.  I've posted versions for both Microsoft Excel users (.xls) and others (.ods).  A printable .pdf log sheet is also available - see the following post

The same log template is used for portable and HS operation - just tick the required box on the form to indicate whether you are operating from home or portable.

Once completed, the updated logs can be uploaded to the website.  To do this:
  • Sign in to the website
  • Click the 'Contests' Menu
  • Select 'GO QRP 2021'
  • Click 'Upload My Log' against the month you are uploading the log for.
Once uploaded the log will be displayed and if necessary you can edit/correct the log by clicking the Edit button.


So you now have 2 good options to automatically submit your logs:
  • Fill the logs in online at Contests -> GO QRP 2021 -> Add Log 
  • Fill in the official log spreadsheet and upload it to Contests -> GO QRP 2021 -> Upload Log
  • Logs can be emailed to me: admin@qrp.nz 
  • Paper logs can be posted to:  Go QRP,  PO Box 406,  Alexandra

Download: Go-QRP-Logsheet-v21.1_original_original.xls

Download: Go-QRP-Logsheet-v21.1_original_original.ods

ZL4NVW updated in GO QRP Night on 2021-01-31 13:25

A big thanks to all those who turned out for January's Go QRP night.  It was great to have a good crowd on the band - and thanks also to those making the extra effort to get out portable and/or backcountry.  I noted 3 summits. 2 huts and a beach among the reported QTHs.  I also heard many members making contacts with QRO operators outside the group - showing them what we can do. Brilliant!

So get your logs in by the 15th of the month.  Even if you're just in it for the fun (not actively competing), consider submitting a log as it lets us verify contacts and allows other participants to claim bonus points for accurate log-keeping.


A few tips & clarifications from points that came up during the night.

1) 1st hour (40m-10m bands) recommended centres of activity

You can operate anywhere in the band as permitted by you license (nothing wrong with spending that 1st hour chasing calling DX stations).
However, to concentrate our presence, the recommended centre of activity for Go QRP calling is the QRP calling frequency for each band.  SOTA frequencies are recommended where that band segment is not usable (e.g. due to AM broadcast stations in upper 40m)  

80m   QRP: 3.690     SOTA:3.585
40m   SOTA: 7.090   QRP: 7.285
20m   QRP: 14.285   SOTA: 14.310
17m   SOTA: 18.140
15m   QRP: 21.385   SOTA: 21.300
10m   QRP: 28.385   SOTA: 21.480

2) Backcountry operation bonus

Note that there are now bonus points for working from or to a backcountry location, in addition to the 'portable' bonus points.

Backcountry is defined in the 2021 rules as 'any portable station operating from DOC-managed Public Conservation Land, or a regional council managed Regional Park and at least 500m inside the park boundary.

So you must be portable and within the park by 500m - that's it. 

ZL4NVW updated in GO QRP Night on 2021-01-31 13:07

Paper log sheets for GO QRP 2021.

Please use this version for all paper logs for the 2021 contest.

Download: Go-QRP-Logsheet-v21.2-printable_original_original.pdf

Go QRP 2021 - Summary of rules:


Last Saturday of each month



40m to 10m: 8pm – 9pm

80m: 9pm – 10pm


40m to 10m: 7pm – 8pm

80m: 8pm – 9pm


CW, SSB – concurrently during each hour


Contestants: QRP only

Other contacts: QRP or QRO

QRP: < 5w RMS for CW and 10w PEP for SSB

Eligible contacts

Both contest participants and other amateurs


1st hour: all HF bands between 40m & 10m

2nd hour: 80m only


80m only (2nd hour scores only)

Overall winner (sum of both hours score)


Base points


CW bonus


Both stations QRP bonus


Portable bonus*


Backcountry bonus*


DX bonus


Validated contact bonus


Portable operation

Any station operating outside of their home QTH using a portable power source and non-permanent antenna

Backcountry operation

Any portable station operating >500m inside a DOC managed reserve or park, or a Regional Council managed Regional Park

Log keeping – mandatory details

- Callsign of other party

- Time (accurate to +/- 1 minute)

- Mode of operation


- Portable (Y/N)

- Backcountry (Y/N)

- DX (Y/N)

- Serial sent

- RS(T) sent

- Serial received

- RS(T) received

- Name

- Location

Log submission deadline

15th of the next month

Detailed rules can be found in the attached document

Download: Go_QRP_2021_rules_original_original.doc

ZL2OZ posted in GO QRP Night on 2020-12-15 15:03

 See the December QRPers NZ Newsletter for a comment on LOG keeping, and the need for accuracy, especially with QSO times, Signal Reports and ciphers. 

ZL4NVW posted in GO QRP Night on 2020-12-07 23:03

I've put in some automated checking of GO QRP logs on the website. This is solely for people to see how well they've recorded their contacts and have to opportunity to improve - it's not used to invalidate contacts or change scoring. 

But it does look like we could all do better!

Take a look at your November logs and see how they stacked up against the details recorded by the other party.  Data highlighted in green is confirmed as correct against what the other party reported. Data in red disagrees with what they recorded.  The most common error seems to be recording report sent vs report received back to front.


and click on your callsign to see your log.

You can click on the link in the 'Confirmed' column to see the log entered by the other party.

ZL4NVW updated in GO QRP Night on 2020-12-01 06:45

Thanks for Stan, ZL3TK for raising a few questions about the rules regarding Go QRP night contacts.  Answers are based on the published rules and are provided here for all to see.  There is scope for changes to the rules in next year's contest to address any concerns - but for the current year the existing rules will be followed.

1) Can the 3.690 'QRP call frequency' be used to make contest contacts?

A: Yes.

There is no mention in the contest rules about the use of 3.690 for making contacts and as such it can be used.

However, users of this frequency need to bear in mind that it may be required by others for QRP calling. Users are requested to either QSY to other frequencies for long QSO's, or leave the appropriate gaps in conversations and both allow and encourage others to call or break in. 

2) What information must be exchanged to count as a contact?

The contest rules states that 'so long as a signal strength report and a serial number can be exchanged both ways' a contact counts.  Additionally an exchange of callsigns is mandatory as with all amateur activity. To claim the correct points you will need to determine whether the station is QRP or QRO and HS or portable - but as the exchange of this information is not mentioned in the rules it is acceptable to assume HS/QRO and claim the lower number of points.  

You are also encouraged to include name and location in your log, but this information is not mentioned in the rules and thus is not required.

3) Can users rely on 'prior knowledge' to ascertain information about a contact

This question is not currently relevant as neither name nor location are currently required.  Some clarification will be given in future should this information become a requirement.

4) What about contacts where both parties record different times?

There is currently no requirement in the rules around timekeeping.  It is not currently a requirement to 'exchange' the QSO time on-air, though doing so is encouraged as good practice. 

A rule may be added in future.

5) What do we do about serial numbers from non-competitors

According to the rules  'so long as a signal strength report and a serial number can be exchanged both ways' a contact counts. So for all contacts a serial no. should be provided by the other party either numerically or by determining verbally that you are their first contact.  There are currently no requirements on non-competitors to 'start at 1 and increment by 1 for each GO QRP contact'.  So as long as you accurately record the number provided by them, that is sufficient.  This is particularly relevant when contacting stations participating in other contests who will be using serial numbers based on contacts made outside of GO QRP.


Hope that all helps.   In all behaviour in the contest, bear in mind that we are here to:

Encourage and share the use of QRP, Low Power operation, equipment, antenna ideas and information

So keep it friendly and support new participants and non-members - make their experience of QRP a good one. 

ZL4NVW updated in GO QRP Night on 2020-11-30 18:37

For back-reference, the rules under which the 2020 GO QRP competition has been run are attached below.   
Two documents have been circulated during the year, and both are attached.  

Note that these will be updated and simplified for the 2021 competition.  

Download: GQN_RULES_original_original.pdf

Download: GQN___Rules_of_Engagement_V3._original_original.docx

ZL4NVW updated in GO QRP Night on 2020-11-29 08:24

The latest GO QRP log forms are available below.  I've posted versions for both Microsoft Excel users (.xls) and others (.ods).

Note: 28/11/2020 - A printable .pdf log sheet is now available

The same log template is used for portable and HS operation - just tick the required box on the form to indicate whether you are operating from home or portable.

Once completed, the updated logs can be uploaded to the website.  To do this:
  • Sign in to the website
  • Click the 'Contests' Menu
  • Select 'GO QRP'
  • Click 'Upload My Log' against the month you are uploading the log for.
Once uploaded the log will be displayed and if necessary you can edit/correct the log by clicking the Edit button.


So you now have 2 good options to automatically submit your logs:
  • Fill the logs in online at Contests -> GO QRP -> Add Log 
  • Fill in the official log spreadsheet and upload it to Contests -> GO QRP -> Upload Log
Failing that: 
  • Logs can be emailed to me: admin@qrp.nz 
  • Paper logs can be posted to:  Matt (ZL4NVW),  PO Box 406,  Alexandra

Download: Go-QRP-Logsheet-v10.0_original_original.xls

Download: Go-QRP-Logsheet-v10.0_original_original.ods

Download: Go-QRP-Logsheet-printable-v10.0_original_original.pdf
Didn't hear anything at all here in Auckland, from 2100 - 2130. Band was deader than NZ First.
Interesting observations indeed.  The 31st October GQN turned out another big disappointment participation-wise;  I'm certain that had stations been operating, I would have heard most of them, in the same manner that the usual activity on 3.677 MHz was 5x7.    I too heard ZL2BH at 2013, 5x2, then at 2019 heard another station 5x4 asking if the frequency (3.690 MHz) was in use, but he failed to identify, and like John, couldn't have heard  my CQs.  Repetitive CQs on 3.535 MHz CW also elicited no response. Suspect the D-layer may have still been ionized and was attenuating my high-angle NVIS signals.     The receive conditions at my portable site at Waitārere with an end-fed 1/2 wave seemed to be at least a good average, as evidenced by the 25 W CW-training transmission from VK1WI at northern Sydney suburb Dural, coming in 5x2  -  only slightly down on its normal level.  There was little to nothing in the way of typical 80 m QRM apart from occasional barely-detectable 10-second bursts of OTHR-type pulses.  So that left only one partial impediment to good signals - apart from the obvious lack of GQN participants - that one partial impediment being QRN, which averaged a tolerable S2 ~ S3 and only rarely peaked as high as S8.   Packed up at 22h05 and went home, despondent, without a single log entry.
Worst conditions yet - I believe.  S9+10 both at Conroys Dam Rec Reserve (gave it 15 mins before packing up) and at home. 

I did hear John 2BH call, but could not make contact. And that's the total for the night - not even a QRO station to be heard!
Condx are very very bad, even with 20 to 30dB of attenuation the atmos noise level was a solid 9 plus 20. NR and NB ineffective at these levels.

Not a dog show of making any QRP contacts tonight.

Called it a night at 08:25 UTC

ZL4NVW posted in GO QRP Night on 2020-10-31 21:18

Corrected  apologies. 

ZL2BH posted in GO QRP Night on 2020-10-31 21:03

Hi Matt,
I noticed that the UTC Start/Finish times are not correct for the GO QRP Night.
IE: 9pm or 2100hrs NZDT actually equals 08:00 UTC or GMT
The current times may be confusing some folk.


ZL2ATH posted in GO QRP Night on 2020-10-07 09:16

Hi all, could someone clarify for me the bands we are permitted to operate on for the Go QRP night?
Wynne ZL2ATH.

Co-ordination of the GO-QRP nights is transitioning to myself, ZL4NVW as-of early October 2020.  There will be a delay in getting the updated details onto the website.

Don't worry, there are no major upheavals to the rules or format coming up - but there will be some simplifications to how we manage the event to make the coordinator's life that bit easier and to make scoring and logging more open & transparent to all.  

We will transition to an online system where the scores are displayed on this site.  There will be no vetting of your logs by the contest coordinator - but all contestants logs will be fully visible here on this site.  Honesty, trust, and transparency.  

For those comfortable with the technology, contacts will be able to be recorded directly onto a log form on the website. Alternatively you will be able to upload or email your completed competition log the officially supported spreadsheet format, as before.  

These changes will take a while to implement so please be patient. In the meantime we'll stick to the existing spreadsheet & paper system.  

Rules, dates & times will be agreed at the start of the year and not altered until the 12 month competition has run it's course.  Anyone with comments and suggestions is welcome to post in the QRPers NZ group chat forum - but please get your comments in before the end of October.

Log forms for new users will be posted here before the next contest date.

73s  de Matt - ZL4NVW