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GO QRP Night

The NZ QRPers group runs a monthly contest / activity night on the last Saturday of every month – GO QRP Night.

The event runs for 1.5 hours for both phone and CW operation. Times are:

- 7:30-9:00pm NZDT (06:30-08:00 UTC)

- 8:00-9:30pm NZST (07:00-08:30 UTC)

NZDT starts each year on the last Sunday in September, and ends at 3am on the first Sunday in April.

See below for event details.

Public topic open to all users.

Latest posts

Co-ordination of the GO-QRP nights is transitioning to myself, ZL4NVW as-of early October 2020.  There will be a delay in getting the updated details onto the website.

Don't worry, there are no major upheavals to the rules or format coming up - but there will be some simplifications to how we manage the event to make the coordinator's life that bit easier and to make scoring and logging more open & transparent to all.  

We will transition to an online system where the scores are displayed on this site.  There will be no vetting of your logs by the contest coordinator - but all contestants logs will be fully visible here on this site.  Honesty, trust, and transparency.  

For those comfortable with the technology, contacts will be able to be recorded directly onto a log form on the website. Alternatively you will be able to upload or email your completed competition log the officially supported spreadsheet format, as before.  

These changes will take a while to implement so please be patient. In the meantime we'll stick to the existing spreadsheet & paper system.  

Rules, dates & times will be agreed at the start of the year and not altered until the 12 month competition has run it's course.  Anyone with comments and suggestions is welcome to post in the QRPers NZ group chat forum - but please get your comments in before the end of October.

Log forms for new users will be posted here before the next contest date.

73s  de Matt - ZL4NVW